Site with a century of engineering heritage

Station Works, Leek – the home of Hall Engineering Ltd – is an historic industrial building with more than a century’s heritage of engineering.

The imposing red brick building started life as the town’s first electricity generating station, built and equipped for the princely sum of £7,433 and officially opened by Leek Urban District Council in June 1904 – an era when electric lighting was still a novelty.

Nowadays the space where massive dynamos churned out power for the town is a hive of activity producing a wide range of agricultural equipment.
The works housed the town’s electricity generating plant until 1946 and in subsequent years has been the base for a succession of companies including power engineering and furniture manufacture.

Hall Engineering purchased the site at the start of 2011, representing a £500,000 investment for the company with significant improvements being made to the building’s structure and interior. The half-acre site provides 10,000 square feet of working space, an ample storage yard and valuable space for expansion in the future.





Station Works, Station Street,
Leek as it is today.
The building when it was first built, and interior views of the battery room and generators when the electricity works opened in 1904.